One day at the beach

It 's my first day of vacation ... and I wake up calmly. The sun seeps through the window and pleasant sounds coming from the beach make me roll out of my bed. I get soon prepared: backpack , beach towel , suncream and a great desire for sun and relaxation.

I chose this small hotel on the seaside almost by accident and my very first impression, when I arrived last night, was to be in a big house, where everybody knows eachother.

Entering the dining room for my breakfast, I am immediately greeted with a smile and a "Hello!”by the staff and soon the delicious vision of so many delicacies appears in front of me : an embarrassing wealth of options... but I've already decided! Today I’ll have a sweet breakfast , tomorrow...a salty one!

I enjoy the beautiful view on the sea, sitting here with my coffee, and tasting the homemade cookies, and some typical cakes …. wow... I’m on holidays !!!

Few steps out of the hotel...I’m on the beach … think I’ll take a stroll on the shoreline and reach the Port. There are lots of boats  anchored to the quay, and then I see there’s a fishermen market , so I join other curious people to inquire about fresh caught fish. When I get back on my feet, the beach is much more vibrant and lively than before, I find myself humming a song " I walk on the sand " ... among the shells and salt ...”

Soon it's lunchtime! I can hear a nice jingle, coming from the hotel, inviting me and other guests  to get to the dining room. My attention is immediately captured by a rich buffet of fresh vegetables and a variety of inviting and delicious appetizers  .... I appreciate the friendly and attentive service of the staff. The environment is fresh, cozy and colorful , the atmosphere is happy and relaxed.

The flavours and the simplicity of the dishes  ... and my  neighbors are really kind  : they recommended me a very good wine ...

Later on I move to the terrace for a cup of coffee, enjoying the view and the sea breeze . I meet other guests , and think about how to spend the afternoon ... I’m surprised to find out that there are so many places to be visited around Bellaria...  but today I'm still tempted by the beachlife: think  I’ll take a swim and spend a few hours of well-deserved “laziness” .

After a refreshing dip, I feel a new energy, so I reach the reception and get a bicycle : I learned that there are several bike paths here.. so I'm going to discover the country .

At sunset, I return to the hotel: feel tired but really satisfied. And now I’m getting ready for the evening!! The dinner is delicious and the atmosphere very friendly : I'm on vacation but I feel "at home" ...

Later, I find myself sitting on the terrace chatting with my  new friends : there is a nice music in the background and the sea breeze is just fantastic ! Soon our group widens, while other guests join us until we become a huge and cheerful company.   I'm happy ! I found the perfect place for my holidays .... and it's only the first day!