Grand Tour

Since early '900 Bellaria is a holiday destination for Italian and foreign families and tourists . Along the port you can still breathe the atmosphere of a fishing village and , in summer, the tradition of the past lives on the sea and along the streets  through the representation of the Landing of the Saracens , a performance with 300 people in costume , vintage boats , scenery and animation.To visit: the Saracen Tower which houses the Museum of Shells, the Old Village , the " Red House", where the poet Alfredo Panzini , well-known scholar of the early twentieth century, loved to spend his holidays and now houses several literary  and cultural events . The city center is a wide pedestrian area with many shops and bars, enhanced by a stylish urban design that favors green corners .

Every night:  markets , carousels for the kids and music enliven the atmosphere, together with  the major summer events, such as the " Bellaria Film Festival " dedicated to the Independent Filmmakers and the " Pink Night " week-end: 48 hours summer party all night and all along the whole Riviera coast.

Nearby Bellaria , many places to be explored: the cities of Rimini and Ravenna , ancient villages and castles ,  but also cycling routes, wine tasting tours , amusement parks , sports facilities , shopping malls and many other opportunities for an unforgettable holiday.

Romagna means not only Sea. From Bellaria, you can reach and visit many small and large towns full of Art, Culture and History. In particular:


Although known as the capital of the holidays , the old town is a treasure trove from the period of Imperial Rome to the Renaissance , and only in recent years Rimini has been re-evaluated as City  of Art. In the historic center you can admire the Arch of Augustus, which marks the southern boundary of the ancient city , the Malatesta Temple , designed by Leon Battista Alberti ; Piazza "Cavour" one of the most beautiful squares in Italy .
Recently opened the amazing " Surgeon's House " , the ruins of the house ( domus ) of a surgeon  lived in the imperial period , Tiberius Bridge , which marks  of the old entrance north of the city.
In the city center there aremany examples of the '300 painting attributed to the school of Giotto. Rimini is both easy to reach by public transport (bus # 4 in less than 30 minutes ) or by car ( 15 minutes).


San Marino
The independence of the Republic has ancient origins, so San Marino is considered the oldest Republic in the world , founded 3 September 301 AD. Three castles built on the highest point of Titano Mountain are the symbol of this town and have great historical and cultural importance.


San Leo
San Leo the ancient capital of Montefeltro and also the capital of Italy during the Middle Ages . Saint Leo is an ancient Roman village perched on a spur of rock which also houses the imposing fortress which was the prison of the " Count Cagliostro " alchemist , esoteric and adventurer who lived in the second half of 700. San Leo is a beautiful town rich in history and culture.


Pennabilli is a little town on the Tuscan Emilian Apennines Valmarecchia . The country is still tied to tradition and unspoiled nature. Here lived for over 20 years, the famous poet, screenwriter Tonino Guerra, who has worked with many directors , both national and international, first of all Fellini and Antonioni.


Gradara is a beautiful medieval village, built around a fort and protected by massive walls . Gradara is the place where , according to legend , " Paolo and Francesca " from Rimini, the characters already mentioned in Dante’s Divine Comedy foud their death. The village inside , extremely suggestive, allows you to feel the atmosphere of the past .


Santarcangelo di Romagna
Staying in Bellaria you must visit Santarcangelo, one of the loveliest villages in the province of Rimini. Among its streets you can still breathe the air of the rural culture of artisans and traders, but there is also a modern soul with new activities such as taverns and shops that make it an ideal place for an evening stroll . The tidy and clean streets, the balconies full of flowers throughout the summer to create thousands of views. Santarcangelo has a strong artistic vocation , which is reflected in its people . Here was born and lived for many years the great poet and screenwriter Tonino Guerra, who has worked with the biggest national and international filmmakers first and foremost Federico Fellini and Michelangelo Antonioni. To visit: the old town and the bell , the Ethnographic Museum of the customs and traditions of Romagna MET , MUSAS the Archaeological Museum , the Museum of the Button, the underground caves and the parish of St. Michael the Archangel .


San Mauro Pascoli
Just a 10-minute drive from Bellaria , San Mauro Pascoli is a small and quiet village in the plain of Romagna. In the center you can visit the "Casa Pascoli " the house where the famous poet " Giovanni Pascoli " was born  .  The modern shoe district is home of internationally known brands (such as:Vicini, Pollini , Baldinini , Rossi and Casadei ) in their outlets you can purchase the collections at super discounted prices .


Montegridolfo is a lovely fortified town on the southern border of the province of Rimini. The defensive structure was built during the '500. In more recent times , during the Second World War , its position outlined the " Gothic Line " In recent years, the village of Montegridolfo has been  significantly revalued by an extensive restoration . Worth visiting : the "Museum of the Gothic Line " and the sanctuary of Our Lady of Grace, place of worship and pilgrimage.


Montebello is also worth a visit ; always located in Valmarecchia , a few kilometers away from Santarcangelo . Montebello is a tiny hamlet perched on a rocky ledge and is flanked by a small military fort , built during the Middle Ages and in antiquity used to control traffic along the valley. The small village is lovely and tidy and can be visited in a short time.

The “Rock” deserves a more detailed visit : it was recently renovated : old tradition tells it was inhabited by the ghost of the little " Azzurrina ," daughter of a commander of the ancient garrison , who was deemed demonic and disappeared mysteriously , almost certainly killed inside the fortress .


Even Mondaino is a little gem nestled in the hills of Romagna on the border with the Marches . Its historical events are similar to those of Montegridolfo, outpost of the Malatesta family to cope with the Montefeltro. Interesting architectural works are: " Malatesta Fortress ", the semicircular " Piazza Maggiore "which overlooks a beautiful porch in the neoclassical style. Every 15 August , in the square , they held  "Palio del Daino " between the districts of the country.


Ravenna is located about 40 km north from Bellaria and it’s the largest city of Romagna. Ravenna has an enviable history , was three times the capital of the Roman Empire ( 402-476 ), the Kingdom of the Ostrogoths ( 493-553 ) and of the Byzantine ( 568-751 ) . For its bright past , the complex of the early Christian monuments of Ravenna was declared World Heritage by UNESCO : the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia , Battistero Neoniano, Cappella Arcivescovile, Basilica of Sant 'Apollinare Nuovo , Mausoleum of Theodorico, Basilica of San Vitale , Basilica of St. Apollinare in Classe.