About us

Family History

It’s 1956 when Roberto Parini, his wife Rosa and their daughter Silvana decide to leave the inland and reach Bellaria, becouse the seaside with its healthy air is attracting many people for long vacations during the Summer season.

They buy a little old guesthouse, called the ‘Cock-Inn’, with only 6 bedrooms. Roberto needs help, so he employs a joung man, Virgilio, as waiter during the summer and as mason in the winter.  The first Summer Season starts for the Parini’s.

One year later Virgilio and Silvana get married and the family grows, together with a little dream: the ‘Cock-Inn’ becomes the ‘PARINI Hotel’.

From then on, during every winter, grandpa Roberto and dad Virgilio work  for all necessary renovations and for the hotel upkeep. In the Summer, the whole family is involved in the hotel management. Even the kids Tamara and Roberto give their contribution helping as waiters during their school holidays, while grandma Rosa and mom Silvana are taking care of the kitchen, with great success and satisfaction. Guests apreciate the simple and familiar atmosphere and keep nice memories of their vacation until the next summer.

In 1988 Hotel Bellaria also becomes part of the family business: another nice opportunity to spend holidays right on the beach. Restorations follow year after year, providing both hotels with new services and comforts, to meet the needs of the affectionate clients. In 2006 Parini Hotels celebrates its 50th Anniversary: a happy goal for the family. There are so many friends and events to be remembered an recorded in the Memory Book. Today, with the same passion and enthusiasm, our family continues this tradition, to welcome You at the sea, every summer, with a smile.